Kennel Braslight´s is a small family kennel

situated in the countryside 50 kilometers

northwest of Helsinki. To our family belongs

the Terrier Brasileiros Chili, Qido, Bianca, Shandy, Aino and Nega and our horse

Al Poetess.
We moved from Helsinki to Vihti in 1990.

When living in Helsinki we had a Cockerspaniel

Nella. Then we moved to Vihti and got our

German Shepherd Ines. She got one litter of

which we kept to ourselves one female

puppy we named Peppi.


Ines & Nella 1991


We got familiar with the Terrier Brasileiro at

kennel Higienopolis in 2001. In January 2002

we had a lovely little Terrier Brasileiro puppy

Chili bouncing around our home.
We were greatly impressed by the Terrier

Brasileiros loving character, which was the

reason that in July 2003 we received from

Brazil our male Qido. During the spring 2004

we participated in a breeder´s course and

applied for our kennelname




Our aim is to breed healthy dogs with good

character, without compromising the

breedstandard and originality. For us

breeding is a dear hobby, but we take it

Our puppies grow up together with us in

our home. They get used to daily routines

and noises since their birth and are

therefore early socialized with other dogs

and people.


Ines & puppies 1993



The puppies are registered, veterinary

inspected, dewormed and microchipped

when they move to their new families.

They have also a versatile "puppy-package"

with them.
From our kennel you can find a new loving

member to your family. You are more than

welcome to visit us and meet our dogs.


Kennel Braslight´s

Sirje Koli-Lindholm & Erik Lindholm
Vanha Porintie 1890 D
puh. 040-766 00 49



Qido & Puppies 2004



Qido, Chili & Bianca 2005



Al Poetess 06/2005