Brazilian Terrier / Terrier Brasileiro







The Terrier Brasileiro or Fox Paulistinha, as called in Brazil, is a medium size terrier breed. During the 19th and early 20th century, many young Brazilians studied at

universities in France and Great Britain. They often returned back to Brazil with a

horse and a dog. These French and British terriers then mixed up with local small

yard dogs. An important ancestor to the Terrier Brasileiro is undoubtedly the Parson

russel terrier, and there are a lot of similarities within these two breeds. Thanks to a

number of healthy breeds of origin, the Terrier Brasileiro has remained relatively free

of degeneration symptoms.

The breed was recognised by the FCI in 1995 and was approved to receive CACIB:s in 2007.


Character and Use


In Brazil the Terrier Brasileiros are usually kept as pets, but they are also higly

respected as hunting- and guard-dogs (not biting but alerting). They love to

learn and are filled with energy. They make great agility and even circus dogs.

If you are hiker or a jogger, the Terrier Brasileiro will easily keep up with you.

They fit every home, whether located in the city or in the country side, with a

large family or a single person. The Terrier Brasileiro does it best if given a lot of

time, attention and love. In responce they will undoubtedly entertain you, and will

bring you great joy!


Height and Weight


Male    35-40cm   Max. 10 kg
Bitch   33-38cm   Max. 10 kg





Black Tricolor


Blue Tricolor


Brown Tricolor


  Old pictures from Brazil:


TB at the Cidreira beach 1930